Conservatories & Porches


Conservatories are a great way to bring the outside in and help us enjoy the garden even when the whether outside is a little cold. With more and more choice available to the British home owner, a conservatory can be the most affordable way to add a room to you home.

From very affordable UPVC conservatories to structural glazed high performance Glass Rooms… we have completed them all. Technology and design has come along way from when conservatories first became popular. High performance glass has become cheaper, self cleaning even!! Also a more standard UPVC conservatory doesn’t even need to have a glazed roof, it can consist of special lightweight tiles which will allow the roof to be insulated allowing far better heat retention.

Maybe you want as much glass as possible? No problem, check out the Heswall’ case study to see just what can be done!


A Porch is a great affordable way to add that ‘Curb appeal’ to your property. Most of the time they would fall into permitted development too.. ensuring a fast turnaround in completion of the project. We have completed porches for clients who, with a number of young children, were desperate for them all to kick off their wellies in a porch instead of in the hall or even in some cases the living room. Contact SPD if you think a porch may be for you.

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